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We can not say it enough,  without a doubt that your wedding photos are going to be the BEST reminder of one of the most amazing days of your life. Long after the wedding cake is eaten, your wedding dress is put away in storage, and all your thank you notes are mailed out, your wedding photos are going to be what you look back on to relive all those sweet, fun, and joyous moments from when you said “I Do” to the partner of your dreams.

That’s why wedding photography is often one of the most important parts of a bride’s plans. But finding the right wedding photographers in a sea of talented artists can be overwhelming, and figuring out details like hours, style, and specific shots can be an exhausting addition to an already stressful day. Add on top of that the fact that your wedding photography will most likely be one of your biggest budget items…well, it’s a lot to think about!


  • You get what you pay for. At the end of the day, wedding photography is like most things—the cost you pay oftentimes reflects the quality you receive. Wedding photography is a lot more than pressing a button on a camera; it’s expensive equipment, hours editing, and multiple shooters. If a photographer’s low price seems too good to be true, it probably is! If you need to save money on your wedding photographer, consider putting photography add ons such as a wedding album and prints on your wedding registry.

  • We want to help with your timeline. We have been to literally hundreds of weddings. We are experts! Letting us help plan your wedding timeline ensures you’ll have a smooth event with lots of time for photos. We provide tips on details like how early you should start getting ready and whether or not to have a first look.

  • Having an unplugged wedding may be the best decision you ever make. It seems fun to scroll through social media with your new spouse in the morning checking out photos from your wedding, but allowing guests to snap 8 million shots of the ceremony can be our worst nightmare! Guests often don’t recognize the fact that are paid to be there taking photos and can jump in the way of important shots. Consider asking guests to put their mobile devices and cameras away during the ceremony.

  • Trust us and ditch the list. There’s nothing wrong with surfing Pinterest for inspiration or loving a friend’s wedding photos, but if you come gripping a long list of group photo ideas for your bridal party, it can be tricky to manage. All couples and photo locations are different. If we are trying too hard to replicate someone else’s work, we may miss the genuine moment right in front of us: you and your spouse. Also, locations and lighting play a huge factor in whether or not certain photos can work. So, sure, if you want that superhero shirt photo with your guy and his groomsmen, come prepared and request it! But know that you might not get every shot on your list—and that’s OK.

  • Lighting, lighting, lighting. If you want great photos, lighting has to be a priority. It’s the golden rule of photography, and too many brides forget that while planning their wedding. It affects your portraits, but also your little moments and your getting ready photos. Consider spaces with lots of natural light and when we suggests dipping out for around 10 minutes during the moments before sunset, do it!

  • Even in this digital age, consider investing in printed product. Sure, you want a killer cover photo for Facebook and Instagram—but more importantly, consider investing in a family heirloom that you can physically treasure. After spending tons of money on a wedding photographer, it can seem agonizing to spend even more money on a wedding album, but having your images and being able to physically flip through them is an amazing feeling that you shouldn’t miss out on. If you can’t afford an album right away, consider ordering one at a later date, or adding it to you wedding gift registry.


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