6 Things we want you to know

We can not say it enough,  without a doubt that your wedding photos are going to be the BEST reminder of one of the most amazing days of your life. Long after the wedding cake is eaten, your wedding dress is put away in storage, and all your thank you notes are mailed out, your wedding photos are going to be what you look back on to relive all those sweet, fun, and joyous moments from when you said “I Do” to the partner of your dreams.

That’s why wedding photography is often one of the most important parts of a bride’s plans. But finding the right wedding photographers in a sea of talented artists can be overwhelming, and figuring out details like hours, style, and specific shots can be an exhausting addition to an already stressful day. Add on top of that the fact that your wedding photography will most likely be one of your biggest budget items…well, it’s a lot to think about!


  • You get what you pay for. At the end of the day, wedding photography is like most things—the cost you pay oftentimes reflects the quality you receive. Wedding photography is a lot more than pressing a button on a camera; it’s expensive equipment, hours editing, and multiple shooters. If a photographer’s low price seems too good to be true, it probably is! If you need to save money on your wedding photographer, consider putting photography add ons such as a wedding album and prints on your wedding registry.

  • We want to help with your timeline. We have been to literally hundreds of weddings. We are experts! Letting us help plan your wedding timeline ensures you’ll have a smooth event with lots of time for photos. We provide tips on details like how early you should start getting ready and whether or not to have a first look.

  • Having an unplugged wedding may be the best decision you ever make. It seems fun to scroll through social media with your new spouse in the morning checking out photos from your wedding, but allowing guests to snap 8 million shots of the ceremony can be our worst nightmare! Guests often don’t recognize the fact that are paid to be there taking photos and can jump in the way of important shots. Consider asking guests to put their mobile devices and cameras away during the ceremony.

  • Trust us and ditch the list. There’s nothing wrong with surfing Pinterest for inspiration or loving a friend’s wedding photos, but if you come gripping a long list of group photo ideas for your bridal party, it can be tricky to manage. All couples and photo locations are different. If we are trying too hard to replicate someone else’s work, we may miss the genuine moment right in front of us: you and your spouse. Also, locations and lighting play a huge factor in whether or not certain photos can work. So, sure, if you want that superhero shirt photo with your guy and his groomsmen, come prepared and request it! But know that you might not get every shot on your list—and that’s OK.

  • Lighting, lighting, lighting. If you want great photos, lighting has to be a priority. It’s the golden rule of photography, and too many brides forget that while planning their wedding. It affects your portraits, but also your little moments and your getting ready photos. Consider spaces with lots of natural light and when we suggests dipping out for around 10 minutes during the moments before sunset, do it!

  • Even in this digital age, consider investing in printed product. Sure, you want a killer cover photo for Facebook and Instagram—but more importantly, consider investing in a family heirloom that you can physically treasure. After spending tons of money on a wedding photographer, it can seem agonizing to spend even more money on a wedding album, but having your images and being able to physically flip through them is an amazing feeling that you shouldn’t miss out on. If you can’t afford an album right away, consider ordering one at a later date, or adding it to you wedding gift registry.



Wedding photography is much more than just having a nice camera or taking a lot of pictures to cover your bases. The first thing we hear from all of our students trying to become professionals is, “Wedding photography is harder than I thought it would be.” Our answer, “Of course it is!” The goal of this article is to help prevent you from hiring the wrong photographer, or even worse, your friend or cousin with a new fancy camera who takes pictures of their pet or flowers as a hobby.

This section will cover more of the soft-skills that your wedding photographer needs to possess. These are areas that you need to pay attention to during your meetings and conversations with professional photographers because they are not things that you can determine by asking a question. We recommend that you read this section first. Then head on over to our section called, Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer” for more specific ideas on what types of questions you should be asking when meeting with potential wedding photographers.

Strong Reviews – How Was The Experience of Past Clients?

When a business has numerous reviews they are more likely to be established and deliver a great product compared to a company with just a few reviews. It is common for clients to rave about not only their final product their experience with the company as well.

You can read some of our past clients reviews on The Knot, Wedding Wire, Google & Yelp, or you can also pick on Miami Photographer Reviews to see what our couples have to say about the NB Experience

Expertise – Being a Technical and Creative Wedding Photographer

A professional wedding photographer should not only be well versed in the technical side of the trade, but he or she must also be artistic and creative. Those are two opposite personality traits. How many people do you know are very technologically savvy and artistically creative at the same time?

Having a great camera and technical skills will allow your wedding photographer to capture correctly exposed, well-lit images regardless of the lighting situation and time constraints. On the other hand, having great creative skills will allow your photographer to approach each shot with a unique viewpoint and artistic vision ensuring that the shots are not just photos, but they are beautiful images.

Personality – Being Personable and Charismatic

Just as important (if not more important) as their technical knowledge and creativity are the wedding photographers interpersonal skills. How well do they interact with their clients and those at the wedding? Are they outgoing, personable, charismatic, professional, and honest?

Not including engagement shoots, bridal shoots, etc. You are going to be spending a full day with your photographer on the most important day of your life. A wedding photographer with a personality that matches your own is essential to the overall experience of your wedding.

Photography Style – Do You Like Their Style Of Wedding Photography?

While researching photographers, you’ll come to notice the many styles of wedding photography. At the same time, you’ll begin to notice what styles you do and do not like. You will get a better idea of the photographer’s artistic style from looking at their blog or website rather than a few images on their Instagram. Taking the extra time to research the complete portfolios of your top choices will definitely be worth it in the end.


We often are asked the question, “why do I need more than one wedding photographer?”

Well, if you were to look at a wedding written up as a movie script, you would see a primary storyline surrounded by smaller side stories that are happening at the same moment. For example, during a wedding ceremony, the main story is, of course, the bride and groom. However, there may be multiple side stories occurring at the same moment.  For instance, mom or dad wiping the tear from their eyes or the flower girl sitting in the corner picking petals from a rose in her hands.

No matter how good a photographer is, he or she cannot be at all places at the same time; and so, to compensate, we always both shoot all day, each of us with a different focus. For example, Bryan may focus strictly on the bride and groom. While Nat would focus on reaction shots from the family, guests, etc. Our third (when needed) would focus on creative imagery by constantly surveying and moving around the scene to find unique angles and compositions of our subjects.

Having multiple photographers enables our team to broaden the coverage and creative eyes at the event. While we recommend two photographers regardless of the size of your wedding, we tell clients that it is almost required if you have 100-200 people at the wedding. For clients with very large weddings, i.e. 200+, we recommend at least three photographers.

Quality – Quality over Quantity

When seeking a photographer, it’s best to not get caught up in the number of products each photographer is promising. Stay focused on the actual quality of the work provided. We realize that some people are working within a budget. Think to yourself that you can always purchase an album or additional prints later (even a year later), but you can’t change the quality of the photographs taken at the wedding after the wedding day.

Overall Experience – Professional or Part Time Wedding Photographer

Once you get pass technique, creativity, and personality, the next thing you should be looking for is an experience. Is the wedding photographer actually a professional photographer, or is this their “weekend gig”? How many weddings has this photographer shot?

While experience is important, some of the best and most hardworking wedding photographers we have met are experienced photographers, but relatively new as wedding photographers. In situations where you love the photographer’s style but are concerned with them not having enough experience, ask to look at their entire collection of images from each event they have shot.

To help you out further we base our own level of experience off of how many weddings we have shot as lead photographers. (i.e. not under another professional photographer’s guidance or direction).

1.    1-5 Weddings – Inexperienced

2.    6-10 Weddings – Amateur (Qualified as an assistant photographer)

3.    10-20 Weddings – Knowledgable

4.    21-30 Weddings – Experienced

5.    31+ Weddings – Professional (Qualified as Lead photographer)

 Hope this helps, what to talk to us about our experience as Miami Wedding Photographers and get to know us better? Contact us here now.



Plastic vs Wooden

This is going to be short and sweet cause really there isn't much info to pass along, but the tip we are going to give you impacts the look of your image immensely! The wedding dress hanger you choose can make your photo & dress look classy or...not as classy. We know you want that dress to look classic, elegant and beautiful and that's why we are writing a blog post about hangers. Something that is so mundane and something that as an ex-retail store associate, I can say from the bottom of my heart is that I. Hate. Hangers. Anyone else with me on that? But they play a minor, yet important role on your wedding day.

We highly recommend that the hanger you buy should be wooden. The white plastic hanger that may come with your dress or that you can pick up for a pack of 10 for a dollar at Target is not the kind you want to use. They don't look as classy and take away from the elegance of your dress and image. Plus it won't match any of your decor. Thinking of your hanger as a part of your decor for the wedding day makes so much sense because we can actually use it for details photos. We suggest a wooden hanger, something rich in color. You can even take it a step further and get your new last name written in the wire frame from a place like ETSY. This personalizes the images a bit more. If it only says “BRIDE” its ok, you may want to consider selling it afterwards. See we just made you some quick cash.

These wooden hangers emphasize the elegance of your dress and makes from classic, timeless and more expensive, high end wedding images, plus it's a great investment that you can keep for forever! We hope this helps!


3 Tips For Brides

This is mainly for the brides, but does still apply for the grooms!


Okay, so you may or may not know that light is a photographers best friend. Windows are our best friends, especially big windows! We know right when we walk in if this is going to be difficult to photograph or if we will have to break out the flash depending on the windows. They provide really nice soft light that is super flattering for the bride & grooms!

Our Suggestion: Find a room that has a lot of natural light pouring in from the windows! It'll do wonders for your photos!


There is nothing worse than seeing clothes, water bottles, suitcases, and other random things in your photos that were laying around the getting ready area. Our favorite thing is when we walk into the getting ready room and there is no clutter around the getting ready area. This clutter can be a distraction in the photos and sometimes cannot be "photoshopped" out.

Our Suggestion: Keep all of your stuff in one area out of the way of pictures, maybe in a corner!


Last, but not least, the details! We love details! This is the first thing we take care of when we get to you on the wedding day. We like to ease into the day by photographing all of the details first. It takes us about 30 minutes depending on the light and space we have available! This really sets the stage for the whole look of the wedding day and will tie in the rest of your photos later on! We love having ample time to stylize and shoot all of your details!
Our Suggestion: Have all of your details ready when we first arrive that way we can get those done as quickly as possible! Also, think about investing in a wooden hanger for your wedding dress(es)!

What To Gather

Dress (Hanger) - Veil / Hair Piece - Rings - Shoes Jewelry - Perfume - Invitations - Garter - Any Heirlooms


1. Investment

You are investing so much in your photography and you will receive nearly 30% more portraits with a first look! Most brides say those are the photos they are going to be decorating their home with!

2. Intimate Time

You get to share in an intimate moment with the love of your life! When the bride walks down the aisle and see's her very soon-to-be husband and completely shocks him with your b-e-autiful-ness he can't even talk to you or tell you how great you look. You can't hug him or have a moment with just the two of you because there are a ton people watching! You have to wait 30+ minutes before you can talk to him and hear him say how great you look and his reaction will be totally different by that point... which leads me to my next point.

3. Alone Time

The First Look is the only part of your day where you and your husband get to be alone together (sorry for the oxymoron) on your wedding day! Every other part of your day will include your bridal party, parents and friends, but this is the only time you'll be alone. Normally, romantic portraits are rushed in between family formals and the reception. You are on a time crunch and it can be really hard to get back into the "lovey-dovey" & "cutesy" mood. BUT when you have just shared a First Look, you're already in the mood to love on each other. It's hard not to be cute with each other when you both can't wait to be married!

4. It Extends the Wedding Day

Without sharing a First Look, you'll spend half the wedding day without your best friend and the person you love most! Your wedding day would start at the ceremony when you finally get to be together, but with a First Look, you can be together longer on your wedding day. It adds about an extra hour that you get to share your wedding day with each other. You get to hang out with all of your friends together, too! Bridal party portraits are no longer rushed and you get to share some laughs and fun with everyone together!

5. Gets Rid of the Nerves

This may be the biggest one! A groom once said that he was feeling a little nervous and that there is a lot of pressure on him to react emotionally at the ceremony. A First Look takes away the nerves from your man. We know that a lot of guys may not be open to breaking the tradition but because they have never experienced their wedding day before, they don't know how nerve-wracking it can be! We would highly recommend a First Look for our brides! It will give you more time intimate time together and you'll get more bang for your buck! It's such a sweet moment and we love seeing the smiles and authentic interactions that the bride & grooms share! We would love to answer any questions you have about First Looks!