Boca Chita Engagement Session - Ariana + Taylor - Miami Engagement Photographer

Ariana & Taylor are the first couple to ever take us on a boat ride to their engagement session location, so for that alone they will always have a special place in our hearts. During our initial meeting at our office they told us that they really love going out to Boca Chita and that it would be a really special spot for the engagement photos, we immediately jumped at the opportunity to shoot somewhere completely new for us.

We know Taylor because we shot his brothers wedding a few years ago and we are so excited that he came to us now that it is his turn to be married. You ,might know Taylor if you have ever eaten at the Golden Rule Seafood Restaurant. There is a good a good chance Taylor caught your dinner or lunch. We totally recommend it if you love seafood by the way! Definitely looking forward to their wedding in November! Enjoy these fun and intimate photos!